5 Great Ideas on Decorating a Gaming Room

Are you interested in decorating your gaming room? You’re in the right place.

You don’t need a lot of money to create a decent gaming room. If you’re looking for more ideas on decorating your house, take a look at Superhomedesign.com.

For now, here are 5 great ideas on how to decorate your gaming room

1. You need light strings.

Best thing to do is to get some sort of lightning system that can has multiple interchangeable colors. If you want to go full red, blue, purple, or whatever you feel like it. Basically, you will be able to create themes for your room, like Star Wars, dark/light side. There are such lightning systems that can change the color by using a remote.

String lights can be found on different stores that are actually selling such things like special lightning gear, led strings, decorations and so on.
They come pretty cheap.

Altenatively, you can check on Ebay or even Aliexpress.com, even though those chinese products may have bad quality overall.

2. Get a gaming desk for your computer.

These days, there are a lot of gaming desks out there, most of them being made from metal. They don’t shake and they look and feel very solid.

They come with cable management area under the desk and most of them are so large that you can fit 3 monitors and the computer case. Which is the best way to go if you want a great gaming experience.

A good metalic desk can go for over 300$.

Along with the desk, get also a gaming chair. These chairs come pretty cheap these days, almost on the same price as normal office chairs.

3. Hardware.

A gaming PC needs 3 monitors or at least 2. To decorate further, get some PC peripherals that have lights, like Razer Chroma devices. It will look insanely good on any desk. You can tweak the lights and even create lightning effects.

Also a good computer case with plexiglass on one side and neon lights inside. You can set the PC case on the desk near the wall or under the desk.

Besides the PC, you can put a big TV screen above the three monitors. It can be fixed on the wall. Altenativelly, the screen can be placed on a different wall, in front of a comfortable couch or armchair.

A console or two, either PlayStation or Xbox is also great go have. A HDMI cable can go from the PC to the TV so you can game on with a joystick directly from the PC. There are the Final Fantasy games on PC that work very well on a big screen and being played with a joystick.


4. A couch or armchair.

A couch or armchair is great to have for resting and also when playing on the console. An armchair can do the job as well. But a very comfortable one.

This furniture might cost you quite a lot but remember that it will last you a long time if the quality is good.

To give your room a more happier atmosphere, get a couch that is orange, yellow or light green. These ones look great.

5. Some shelves to store your CD/DVD/Console/Other hardware collection.

Depending on how big your collection is, you can get a bigger or smaller shelves structure. Go for those that are made from wood, maybe being paint in a light color, light/intense red, orange, yellow or light green.

With only these items, your gaming room should be complete. Simple and minimal is always better.