Hostgator emails having delay for hours

The issue here is that when sending an e-mail from a hostgator account, it would be delivered after more than 6 hours.

Let’s say that you talk with a client for a business of 1000$, you send the email with this price. The e-mail is not received by your client and you talk by the phone and you set the business for 1200$. Then he receives the e-mail after 6 hours where it’s saying “1000$”. That would be insane, the client would have no idea why you sent the e-mail with the price of 1000$ since you already talked on the phone about 1200$. So this is a very big issue with hostgator, not getting any bounce back error and the e-mails being delivered with delay.

After talking in the chat with hostgator support, they said that the issue was: “It’s an issue with the connection to the exim server to our outgoing firewall.”.

Not much to say, they might fix it for now, but it could happen in the future.
I told them in the chat about this issue from 2008 with e-mails being stuck in a queue:
But they said that is old stuff and it was already fixed with so many updates through the years.

Hostgator doesn’t offer support by e-mail or tickets. However, you can send your concern and feedback to this e-mail address: