Best Cinema Sound Effects Settings for Windows Media Player?

If you want to watch a movie on your PC and want to obtain a cinema sound effect, you can do a few things.


3 tips

1. Buy an expensive sound card, those come with their own software which have sound effects. Check on the Internet first for reviews and impressions from other users.

2. Use Windows Media Player. WMP has a few options that can improve the sound quality / allow you to enhance the sound of the movies.

With WMP open and running a video, right click on the main window > enhancements > dolby digital settings > enable this option. Also from “SRS WOW effects”, enable the feature and maximize the bar for “Trubass” and “WOW effect”.

3. Use DFX, a software that will provide you some audio effects. Google for “download DFX”, download and install the software. The program isn’t free but it allows you to test one of the presets for free.