Worldspan printer settings, how to install the printer (HPM)?

First of all, install Worldspan on your computer. It should be the computer that has the main printer connected.


Start Worldspan. You should see the login page.

From the page that you use to login to Worldspan, there is a link that will get you to the page where you can download “HPM” (Host Printer Manager).

Install HPM, just need to click “next” on all the dialog boxes when you install it (next.. next.. and so on).

After HPM was installed, start Worldspan and login.

Then go to settings (there is a link at the top of the interface), click where is saying “Host Printer Manager). From there, drag and drop the printer from “remote” to “machine”. There should be an option called “machine”, that is your computer.

That is all. You can now print from your Worldspan.