2 Great Workout Android Apps

1. Daily Cardio Workout. This app is mostly for cardio workout. It has two predefined workout routines and one where you can mix the exercises. The mixing routine is only available for the paid version. The free version has only one workout routine (the first one).


The app has videos that will display instructions regarding how to perform the exercises. You can choose the length of the workouts, 5, 8 or 10 minutes, depending on your physical condition.

If you get bored of the two standard routines, you can use the routine that mixes the exercises. The downside is that if you get only the hardest exercises, you might not be able to finish your routine.

Here is a link for the paid version, it costs around 1$.

Second App

2. Just 6 weeks. This app will help you to shape your body, maybe get a six-pack (the app’s icon is a six-pack).

The exercises are the following: push-ups, sit-ups, dips, squats and pull-ups.

How it works? When you first run the app, you will take a test for the exercises that you want to perform. For example, you will do a test in order to see how many push-ups you can perform. The app will create your workout depending on how many push-ups you could perform initially.

You can set alerts (your device will notify you when you need to do your workout), reset all the data (start from zero).

Overall its a great app and is fun to workout after it because of the routines that are generated, you get breaks between exercises, it feels like you have a personal trainer along with you.

The link for the app, the paid version costs 1$. The free version only allows you to do workouts for two weeks.