Rockrider 340 opinions after using it for a year

Here is a report regarding my B’twin Rockrider 340, after using it for a year, around 1000 km. The initial review.

The bicycle was used just on normal streets, no mountain biking or offroad.

What problems I encountered with the Rockrider 340.

Nothing broke, the bicycle is still in a very good condition.
The major problems I had were quite a few tire punctures. Looks like the stock tires are not very resistant for punctures.

Also regarding the tires, they seem to have wear out quite a lot and I think next year, I will have to replace them with some street tires with some serious puncture protection.

The bicycle also has a ticking sound when pedaling (not all the time, mostly when climbing steep hills). This sound exists since 2 weeks after buying the bicycle. I still didn’t identified from where the sound comes, it’s either from the monoblock, the seatpost, or the yellow cateyes that are attached on the front wheel.
It doesn’t bother me that much so I’ve ended up ignoring it.

Other aspects

I kept the bicycle indoors during the winter of 2016-2017, so the bicycle doesn’t have any rust, except a little bit on the screw from the seatpost clamp. Nothing serious though.

The frame and other metalic parts are in perfect condition, along with the paint.
The gear shifters works perfect and so the gears can be changed quite smooth.
The brake pads are still working fine, no need to replace them.
What you see in the picture with my black Rockrider is a replaced seat and pedals for more comfort. The stock ones are pretty bad.

To conclude, the bicycle is worth the money but if you can afford, you should rather go for the next Rockrider in line, which is Rockrider 520. 520 has better components and overall quality.
But if you’re just looking to make sport and lose some weight, Rockrider 340 would do the job just fine.