Opinions about the jQuery course from Codeacademy

The jQuery course from Codeacademy is very enjoyable because it’s very easy.


Even if you don’t know a thing about jQuery, you will know pretty much everything about this programming language at the end of the course.

The lessons are pretty much about explaining how functions work, how HTML elements like divs, paragraphs, css classes and ids can trigger actions inside functions.

The course takes 3 hours (as we see on the Codeacadamy page) and it’s quite fast. So you can relax with it and complete it in like five days.

Notice the search link in the header of our website. When you click on “Search”, the link will move to the left and the search bar will show up. This thing is made with jQuery. So you can get an idea what you will learn on Codeacademy about jQuery.

So overall the course is great, much easier than the Javascript one, obviously.

If you have any questions, leave in the comments.