Monitor won’t start, Asus motherboard

Let’s say that you have a PC connected to a monitor and it starts but nothing appears on the screen, not even the bios UI.


Here are some ideas of what you can do

– Check if the monitor is working by using another device.

– If you have a dedicated video card, switch the connector to it or back to the integrated video card jack. Depending on a bios setting, the dedicated video card might be enabled or disabled.

– Reset bios. The bios jumpers should be near the battery. It is ideal to download your Asus motherboard documentation and check the scheme. If the monitor won’t start even after you have removed/inserted the jumpers, you can remove the battery and put it back but be very careful. If your PC works normally and you remove the battery, the monitor might not start. Remove the battery only if in your current situation, the monitor isn’t starting.
Another tip for resetting bios from jumpers, search for “CMOS” on your motherboard, those are the bios jumpers.

– Remove all the connectors from your motherboard (HDD, power source, IDE / SATA cables etc). Put them back in and start the PC.

– Try with another power source. In some cases if the power source is too old, the monitor won’t start.

If you have questions or tips, please leave in the comments.