Interesting YouTube channels, Mustang Wanted

I’ve been watching his videos and found out that he is very active on Facebook, posting pictures and messages almost every day.


This is his facebook account, if you want to follow:

You can find most of his videos on YouTube by searching “mustang wanted” or on his official website, He also has some videos uploaded on, a social network from Russia, similar to Facebook.

My opinion about his videos? Well, if you are really bored and looking to get some adrenaline, watch his videos. The old brain will trick you, making you think that something will happen to you if the guy falls from those buildings. The old brain cannot distinguish virtual from reality, that is why you feel weird when you watch his videos or similar videos.

What music is he listening when doing his stuff? Mostly rap, there are a few videos where the video editing is also using some sound effects like when he is taking his headphone off, the music stops, then when he puts it back, the music starts again in the video and is hip-hop or something similar.

Anyway, if you are bored, check his videos and subscribe to his YouTube channel,