How to delete certain websites from history?

It is pretty easy to delete only some certain websites from your browser’s history.


First thing to do is to know what websites you want to delete, either the url or their title.

For Mozilla Firefox

For Mozilla Firefox, press “control+h” to bring the history tab up. In the search area, write the url of the website you want to delete. For example “”. You just need to type “yahoo”.

After a few seconds, all the websites related to “yahoo” and also all the pages that you have visited from “” will appear.

Now right click on the first result and click on “delete this page”.

Now what you need to do is to keep the “delete” button pressed (from your keyboard). You will notice that the pages from your list will start to get deleted. If you have thousands of pages, it might even take a few minutes.

If you own a Razer product (keyboard or mouse), you can create a macro for deleting but if you don’t, just keep the “delete” button pressed until you have deleted all the pages.

This works for Firefox but I guess it works the same for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Another method

Bring up history and right click on a website, for example anything which is from Right click and click on forget about this website. All the pages will get removed from history.