How to connect Samsung Galaxy Pocket to PC, using a USB cable?

Follow these steps. Connect your smartphone to PC by using the USB cable. If it is the first time that you connect your smartphone to your PC, wait around two minutes until Windows is finishing installing the device. There should be a message in systray.


Now from the phone, slide the top bar (WI-FI, bluetooth etc), you should see a message that is saying “USB connected, select to copy files to/from your computer”. Click on that message and you can now browse your MicroSD card from the phone.

Open Windows Explorer and you should see the phone as a “removable drive”. There should actually be two “removable drives”. One for the MicroSD card and one for the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

If what I said above won’t work, from the smartphone, go to “Settings”, “Applications”, “Development”. Enable “USB debugging” (the first option).

It should definitely work now.

This method worked for me on Windows 7, 64 bit. It should be the same for other Windows 7 versions and also for Windows XP. The steps are the same.

Tell us in the comments if our instructions have worked for you.

For Windows 10

For Windows 10, after you plug the USB cable to the phone, the window with the files should pop up on the screen.