f10af9c4-3a90-405b-b3c6-cf16a2dd2794-1-6.exe – appearing in Task Manager

So what exactly is this process?


The easiest thing that you can do is to right click on it (from Task Manager), and then click on “open file/source location”.

From the look of the name, this looks to be a Windows update.

If you restart your PC and still see this process running, click on the Start button, write “msconfig” and see if it appears at Startup. Also, click on “Services” and then click on “Hide all Microsoft Services”. f10af9c4-3a90-405b-b3c6-cf16a2dd2794-1-6.exe could appear there, uncheck it.

If f10af9c4-3a90-405b-b3c6-cf16a2dd2794-1-6.exe doesn’t appear anywhere, you can just delete it if its location is not the Windows folder and is Program Files or anything else.