5 reasons why LG G2 Mini is a great smartphone

1. The size.


It is great that the LG G2 Mini has a normal size for a phone and not those big sizes that we find at “phablets”. The LG G2 Mini has only a 4.7 inches screen and weights only 121 g.
It is so light and small that you won’t feel it in your pocket.

2. The battery.

The phone can last for two straight days with 4G enabled and with intense usage.
It’s actually one of the few smartphones that lasts so much that you don’t have to charge it every night.

3. The performance.

Compared to other smartphone that have a “mini” in their names, The LG G2 Mini doesn’t show that leak regarding performance.
The phone runs perfect, there is no delay when launching apps, closing them. The multitasking works perfect.

4. The Remote Control and NFC Knock functions.

The LG G2 Mini can be used as a remote controller for a large number of Smart-TVs that run on Android.
The second function is NFC Knock. This one helps when getting the device out of stand-by by making some gestures on the screen.

5. The build.

The phone looks great. The plastic has some good adherence so it won’t fall from a surface very easily. You can hold it very comfortable.