Yahoo Messenger No Internet Connection Error

You might get this error even though your Internet Connection works fine, you can browse websites, listen online radios etc.


This error is mostly caused by Internet Explorer.

What you need to do is to go to the Internet Settings from Internet Explorer and click on “advanced” and start enabling options from there.

I don’t know exactly which options but you should enable pretty much everything. “Use ssl 2.0” should be enabled.

If nothing works, you can uninstall Internet Explorer, assuming that you can use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Go to Control Panel and you should see “Internet Explorer 8” or a newer version. It depends on your OS version. For Windows XP, if you uninstall IE 8, it will actually downgrade the program to IE6 (this will fix your issue).

Also, you should check the date from your Windows calendar. If it’s not set right, a lot of things could not work on your PC.

If you need more help or you know a better solution, please leave in the comments.