Worldspan not working on Windows 10, Microsoft Edge

Worldspan will not work that easy on the new Windows 10, on the new browser called Microsoft Edge.


The thing is, Edge is now the default browser for Windows 10.

However, you still have Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10, but it is not set as default.

In the search bar, type “default” and click on the first link.

Set Internet Explorer as your default browser from the window that will open.

Install Go Res (Worldspan) and try to start it

You need to install it from Internet Explorer, it won’t work from Edge. Download link is here.

After you start Go Res, and if you get an error like “Invalid path”, you will have to call at the Worldspan support and ask for assistance.

You will need to configure quite a lot of settings in Internet Explorer.

The good news is that after you do that, Worldspan will work.

It is too hard to enumerate all the tweaks you need to do in Internet Explorer, so the best idea is to call the Worldspan support.

Good luck, if you have questions or tips, leave in the comments.