Worldspan errors like invalid path, missing Active X? (Solution)

If you manage to install Worldspan (GO RES) on your computer and the program still doesn’t work, you get error messages like invalid path or missing Active X, you can do some changes that will make your program to work.

Open Internet Explorer

Go to Tools > Internet options.

Depending on your Internet Explorer version, you might have a settings wheel instead of “tools”.

From Internet options, go to security, click on custom level.

Right there, enable pretty much everything where is saying “Active X”. Also enable everything from .net control.

Restart Internet Explorer.

Worldspan (GO RES) should now work with no other issues.

Be careful, do not use Internet Explorer for anything else except Worldspan. Use instead Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.


  • kasprof says:23.12.2016

    thanks for your help

  • adfWE says:29.11.2018

    thanks it was helpful