What Razer mouse is right for me?

If you want a comfortable and professional mouse, you should get a Razer model.

Here is a list that will help you pick the best type of mouse for you, depending on what video games you play.



Razer Naga / Epic: this is the MMO mouse with 12 side buttons. Get this one if you play World of Warcraft, Guilds War 2, Aion etc. I’ve managed to do incredible things in World of Warcraft with the help of my Naga 2012.
Naga 2012 has green lights and 3 detachable right sides. You will only use the middle part so don’t worry about this aspect. You can get Razer Naga Molten if you prefer more fancy looks.

For MOBA games

Razer Naga Epic is the wireless version that allows you to change the light colors.

Razer Naga Hex: this is the MOBA mouse. It has 6 mechanical buttons on the side, aligned in a hexagon shape. If you don’t play MMOs, this is the perfect mouse.

For FPS games

Razer Deathadder: FPS players love this one. If you don’t play MOBA or MMO games, a Deathadder is the best choice.

Razer Abyssus: if you are on a low budget but you still want a Razer mouse, get this one. I’ve used an Abyssus for almost a year and I’m still in love with it. It has better materials that NAGA for example. The plastic is that soft to touch. Get the normal version, not the “mirror” one. Or at least have the chance to try them before buying.

Razer Taipan: the ambidextrous mouse, just like Abyssus. Some people just prefer ambidextrous mice. Taipan is a great choice for any kind of games. Or if you are left-handed.

Razer Mamba: this was the most expensive Razer mouse at some point but it seems that it didn’t received any new models lately. It is wireless, great for any type of gaming.

Razer Ouroboros: the Razer mouse with the fanciest design, having a few detachable or movable parts. Ambidextrous, just like Mamba, good for any type of gaming.