SPEEDLINK STRIKE gamepad review

SPEEDLINK STRIKE is a very cheap PC controller. The price is around 10$ / euro.

Being cheap is actually the biggest quality of this product.

It’s built from cheap plastic, low quality materials, the cable is non-braided (just basic rubber). You will most likely run into a gamepad with imperfections like it will not be 100% symmetrical, even though you will barely feel those imperfections.

Other than that, it does the job, you can play any video game on your PC with this gamepad. I’ve tried so far Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and some old Final Fantasy games on ePSXe and the gamepad works fine, the commands are responsive, the buttons don’t get stuck or anything.

However, I had to use a third party software called “JoyToKey” in order to play the games using the controller. Neither Metal or ePSXe recognized my controller but I guess that goes for every controller, is not only for the Speedlink Strike.

If you are looking to enjoy some games on your PC and you can’t afford a Razer Sabertooth or other expensive gamepads, a Speedlink Strike is fine.

A few tips

Download the drivers from here.

While the controller is plugged, press the Start button and write “joy.cpl” in the searchbar. It should trigger a window where you should see that your controller is installed and working.