Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Mini 1

I had the chance to play with the second Samsung Galaxy Mini and these are the differences:


The second Mini is moving much faster, switching the windows, launching apps. The speed is gained from the higher amount of memory, both RAM and internal storage. And let’s not forget the 200 more MHz for the processor.

Mini 1 has around 250 free internal memory. When your apps are occupying around 200 mb, you won’t be able to install applications that have more than 10 – 20 megabytes and you can’t even delete the default useless files because there is no built-in app that can reveal all the files.

In terms of design, both smartphones look almost the same. Same size. The bottom buttons are “touch” for Galaxy Mini 2.

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Mini 2?

If you own a Mini 1 or a similar smartphone in terms of performance and screen size, don’t buy it. Go for something with higher tech specs.

If the Galaxy 2 will be your first smartphone, then buy it. It is a great deal. You can do a lot with this smartphone, except mobile gaming. What you can play on Mini 1 you can basically play on Mini 2. Games with advanced graphic effects won’t run on Mini 2. The small screen size is the most important impediment.

You can still play Angry Birds, Cut the rope and most of the casual and famous Android games.

The prices are pretty much the same, 138 euro on my local online Orange shop. They don’t sell Mini 1 anymore.