How to replace an ORAL B Electric Toothbrush Head?

It is quite easy to replace an ORAL B Electric Toothbrush head.

You just need to pull the head off, it doesn’t have any screws or anything, just pull it out. And insert the new one in.

This process is quite easy, anyone can do it without much effort.

This issue with changing the heads could raise concerns for someone that plans to buy his first electric toothbrush, but as you can see, it is quite easy to do it.

Is an ORAL B electric toothbrush worth it?

It is, mostly if you buy one that charges from the power source, not one that gets powered by batteries. As batteries will be drained at some point, the efficiency will drop and you might even develop tartar on your teeth.

With an efficient tooth brush (charged at the power source) that always cleans at full power and with firm rotations, you will get no tartar.

So get an ORAL B toothbrush. The extra heads for replacement are pretty affordable. Around 10$ for 2 which can be used during one full year.

And there are many shapes that you can pick.