Razer Naga Hex League of Legends mice materials

I guess that not many Razer fans have noticed but the new Razer Naga Hex mice has different materials compared to the standard green and red versions.


As you see in the picture, the top side of the mice has a matte material instead of the glossy one that is available for the green and red versions.

Basically, the mice doesn’t have any glossy parts and this is great for those with sweaty hands. It will help a lot. Those that made reviews when the first Naga Hex was first released where saying that the glossy top wasn’t the best choice from Razer.

Razer Naga (the standard 12 buttons mmo mice) has matte top but glossy sides which is not a great choice either but it works.

Besides the top side, if you notice the scroll, it has some different texture with some runes on it. Looks really awesome.

Even if you’re not a League of Legends fan/player and you think to buy a Naga Hex, this LoL version is without a doubt the best choice from the 3 mice that are available and all this because of the materials.

If you’re not a MMO player, the Naga Hex is a better choice than the DeathAder in my opinion because there are many games where you need to press more than the W S A D gaming keys and the mouse clicks. And also because of the macro capabilities of the Naga Hex.