About Queen of Ice (Sonja Henie), filmed in Galati, Romania

It looks like the movie will be released at the end of 2018. Surprisingly, there is no entry for the movie on imdb.com, and the movie is not marked neither for the director, which is Miss Anne Sewitsky.

Queen of Ice Galati, Romania

Background actor experience?

I had the privilege to take part at the filming for this movie as a spectator (background actor). They needed 1800 persons as background actors. Since I really like movies and all that involves them, it was a good opportunity to see how a movie is shot.
It was interesting to see how the takes go, the actors had to do a few takes for a couple of scenes.
This was the high point of the experience, the skating. Magnificent performance.

Other than that, it wasn’t that great. On the hockey/skating stadium from Galati, Romania, the conditions are really bad. Like they where 100 years ago when Sonja was young. There are no chairs and all the spectators had to sit on concorete covered with some rugs. It wasn’t comfortable at all.
And we had to sit from 9 AM to 20 PM (11 hours of sitting on concrete covered with some rugs).. I don’t know if this was intentended but they didn’t said this when I went there for casting.

Queen of Ice movie 2018

Overall, I’m very interested to see the movie, it was a unique bad experience, but it was still interesting.

I was not able to find any information on who played Sonja, maybe Ine Marie Wilmann?

If you’ve been there, would be nice to say hi.