Prestashop Mysql database / tables explained

I have bolded the tables that you need to export import if you want to transfer products with all the details, images and so on.

ps_access – lot’s of values on multiple rows, don’t modify from phpmyadmin.

ps_accessory – empty.

ps_address – your store’s address, not that important.

ps_address_format – some configuration regarding the option mentioned above, not that important.

ps_advice – ?

ps_advice_lang – related to language ?

ps_alias – has two values by default. I don’t think it’s important.

ps_alias – empty.

ps_attachment_lang – empty.

ps_attribute – has css values, It’s quite important and should not be modified. Attributes in prestashop are for example: weight, height and so on.

ps_attribute_group – some values related to attributes, see above.

ps_attribute_group_shop – related to the above option.

ps_attribute_impact – empty.

ps_attribute_lang – all the attributes, colors, sizes and so on. Should not be modified if you really use attributes on your shop, for example if you sell clothes.

ps_attribute_shop – values related to the above options.

ps_badge – ?

ps_badge_lang – ?

ps_carrier – related to carries, should not be modified if you have already setup a carrier.

ps_carrier_group – related to the above.

ps_carrier_lang – related to the above.

ps_carrier_shop – related to the above.

ps_carrier_tax_rules_group_shop – related to the above.

ps_carrier_zone – related to the above.

ps_cart – some values, should not be modified.

ps_cart_cart_rule – empty.

ps_cart_product – ?

ps_cart_rule – empty.

ps_cart_rule_carrier – empty.

ps_cart_rule_combination – empty.

ps_cart_rule_country – empty.

ps_cart_rule_group – empty.

ps_cart_rule_lang – empty.

ps_cart_rule_product_rule – empty.

ps_cart_rule_product_rule_group – empty.

ps_cart_rule_product_rule_value – empty.

ps_cart_rule_shop – empty.

ps_category – values regarding caregories. Should not be modified from phpmyadmin.

ps_category_group – same as above.

ps_category_lang – related to categories, do not modify.

ps_category_product – lots of values, I think it is related to products, should not be modified or deleted.

ps_category_shop – lots of values, should not be modified.

ps_cms – ?

ps_cms_block – ?

ps_cms_block_lang – ?

ps_cms_block_page – ?

ps_cms_block_shop – ?

ps_cms_category – ?

ps_cms_category_lang – ?

ps_cms_category_shop – ?

ps_cms_lang – these are the text from the custom pages, information, delivery and so on.

ps_cms_role – empty.

ps_cms_role_lang – empty.

ps_cms_shop – I don’t think it’s important.

ps_compare – empty.

ps_compare_product – empty.

ps_condition – some sql values in there, should not be modified. Even though, I think that these values are there by default.

ps_condition_advice – some values.

ps_condition_badge – values.

ps_condition_badge – values.

ps_configuration – the main configuration for your prestashop shop. Should not be modified.

ps_configuration_kpi – empty.

ps_configuration_kpi_lang – nothing important.

ps_configuration_lang – some descriptions, should not be modified.

ps_connections – nothing important.

ps_connections_page – empty.

ps_connections_source – empty.

ps_contact – contains the e-mail address of the administrator, usually you have used this e-mail when you have installed the shop.

ps_contact_lang – some descriptions regarding contact pages.

ps_contact_shop – related to contact.

ps_country – displays all the countries.

ps_country_lang – displays the full names for all the countries.

ps_country_shop – also related to countries, has some values.

ps_cronjobs – cronjobs, empty.

ps_currency – displays the current set currency, should not be modified.

ps_currency_shop – related to the above, should not be modified.

ps_customer – lists all the registered customers, should not be modified.

ps_customer_group – related to customers, ignore it.

ps_customer_message – empty.

ps_customer_message_sync_imap – empty.

ps_customer_thread – empty.

ps_customization – empty.

ps_customization_field – empty.

ps_customization_field_lang – empty.

ps_customized_data – empty.

ps_date_range – empty.

ps_delivery – some values, I don’t think they should be modified.

ps_employee – this table holds the admin data, password and so. Should not be modified, unless you don’t have access your the e-mail that was used to register the store.

ps_employee_shop – values, should not be modified.

ps_feature – probably related to featured products.

ps_feature_lang – contains weight, properties and so on, do not modify.

ps_feature_product – empty.

ps_feature_product – some values.

ps_feature_value – lots of values related to features (weight and so on).

ps_feature_value_lang – language items for features.

ps_gender – male, female. Just values.

ps_gender_lang – some language related to male/female status.

ps_group – related to the status of the user, visitor, registered user and so on.

ps_group_lang – language for groups.

ps_group_reduction – empty.


ps_group_shop – some values.

ps_guest – some values, should not be modified.

ps_homeslider – probably related to the default slider from the front page, the one from modules.

ps_homeslider_slides – some values related to the slider.

ps_homeslider_slides_lang – some default stuff, nothing to modify.

ps_hook – these are the hooks from admin > modules > position. Do not modify here at all or you will mess up the store.

ps_hook_alias – hooks, do not modify.

ps_hook_module – values related to hooks, do not modify.

ps_hook_module_exceptions – exceptions for positions, hooks, do not modify.


ps_image – lots of values, do not modify.

ps_image_lang – same as above, language stuff.

ps_image_shop – same as above.

ps_image_type – same as above. I don’t think that these values are related to the images that are uploaded for products. Do not modify anything here.

ps_import_match – these values here are for importing feeds, the values you see are saved by users, usually, there is nothing in this table.

ps_info – just two values, do not modify.

ps_info_lang – has a few values saying “blocks”, might be related to modules, do not modify.

ps_lang – the languages that are used for the shop, it could only show up “english”.

ps_lang_shop – values, nothing important.

ps_layered_category – features and stuff, do not modify.

ps_layered_filter – just a value, do not modify.

ps_layered_filter_shop – has just one value, related to settings.

ps_layered_friendly_url – lots of encrypted stuff, related to seo friendly url. No need to worry, this table doesn’t hold all the friendly url for all the added products, probably only for some generic pages.

ps_layered_indexable_attribute_group – some values, ignore them.

ps_layered_indexable_attribute_group_lang_value – empty.

ps_layered_indexable_attribute_lang_value – empty.

ps_layered_indexable_feature – some values, ignore them.

ps_layered_indexable_feature_lang_value – empty.

ps_layered_indexable_feature_value_lang_value – empty.

ps_layered_price_index – contains prices for all the products in your store, do not modify.

ps_layered_product_attribute – empty.

ps_linksmenutop – empty.

ps_linksmenutop_lang – empty.

ps_log – some values that look like a log.

ps_mail – empty.

ps_manufacturer – related to manufacturers, if you use this option to your store.

ps_manufacturer_lang – related to the above, nothing to see.

ps_manufacturer_shop – has one value that sets the option for your default store.

ps_memcached_servers – empty.

ps_message – empty.

ps_message_readed – empty.

ps_meta – is displaying the pages of the store, contact, sitemap and so on. Doesn’t hold the data (content). Should not be modified.

ps_meta_lang – contains the content (data) of the normal pages, contact, about us and so on. Should not be modified.

ps_module – contains the name of all the modules.

ps_modules_perfs – empty.

ps_module_access – values related to modules. Should not be modified.

s_module_country – displays two values related to modules / countries.

ps_module_currency – same as above, but regarding currencies.

ps_module_group – same as above, regarding groups.

ps_module_preference – empty.

ps_module_shop – some values, no idea what they do.

ps_newsletter – related to the newsletter, could be empty.

ps_operating_system – displays a list with operating systems, windows xp, android etc.

ps_orders – displays a list with orders but everything is encrypted.

ps_order_carrier – regarding delivery options, should not be modified.

ps_order_cart_rule – empty.

ps_order_detail – some items there from the default store.

ps_order_detail_tax – empty.

ps_order_history – displays some values related to history.

ps_order_invoice – empty.

ps_order_invoice_payment – empty.

ps_order_invoice_tax – empty.

ps_order_message – has one value, probably from the default store.

ps_order_message_lang – some default message from Prestashop.

ps_order_payment – empty.

ps_order_return – returns, empty.

ps_order_return_detail – empty.

ps_order_return_state – some css values.

ps_order_return_state_lang – language related to the above table.

ps_order_slip – empty.

ps_order_slip_detail – empty.

ps_order_slip_detail_tax – empty.

ps_order_state – some default values.

ps_order_state_lang – language for the table from above.

ps_pack – empty.

ps_page – has 2 values, nothing important.

ps_pagenotfound – some default values.

ps_page_type – default values.

ps_page_viewed – empty.

!!! ps_page_viewed – this one is related to the products that you have added to your store. One of the most important table. Contains values, not text, images and so on.

ps_product_attachment – empty.

ps_product_attribute – empty.

ps_product_attribute_combination – empty.

ps_product_attribute_image – empty.

ps_product_attribute_shop – empty.

ps_product_carrier – empty.

ps_product_country_tax – empty.

ps_product_download – empty.

ps_product_group_reduction_cache – empty.

!!! ps_product_lang – contains the content of your products that you have added in the store with text, titles and some other details.

ps_product_sale – empty.

!!! ps_product_shop – contains tons of values related to the products that you have added to your store.

ps_product_supplier – empty.

ps_product_tag – empty.

ps_profile – four values, nothing important.

ps_profile_lang – contains values with stats for admin / superuser and so on.

ps_quick_access – contains some links, not important.

ps_quick_access_lang – language for the table mentioned above.

ps_range_price – something about prices, do not modify it.

ps_range_weight – as above, do not modify it.

ps_referrer – maybe about affiliates, it’s empty.

ps_referrer_cache – empty.

ps_referrer_shop – empty.

ps_request_sql – empty.

ps_required_field – empty.

ps_risk – some css code, nothing important.

ps_risk_lang – some values, nothing important.

ps_scene – empty.

ps_scene_category – empty.

ps_scene_lang – empty.

ps_scene_products – empty.

ps_scene_shop – empty.

ps_search_engine – some values like google, bing, do not modify it.

ps_search_index – a lot of values here, it’s the index of all the products from your store. If you remove these for example, nobody will be able to search and find products on your store. So, do not modify them.

ps_search_word – some predefined words.

ps_sekeyword – empty.

ps_shop – just one value, probably from the main settings, do not modify.

ps_shop_group – same as above.

ps_shop_url – some of the main settings, do not modify.

ps_smarty_cache – empty.

ps_smarty_last_flush – some logs, do not modify.

ps_smarty_lazy_cache – lots of values, probably logs.

ps_specific_price – empty.

ps_specific_price_priority – empty.

ps_specific_price_rule – empty.

ps_specific_price_rule_condition – empty.

ps_specific_price_rule_condition_group – empty.

ps_state – contains states / countries.

ps_statssearch – contains a log with all the products that have been searched. You can ignore this table.

ps_stock – empty.

!!! ps_stock_available – contains stocks for all the products in your store. Very important.

ps_stock_mvt – empty.

ps_stock_mvt_reason – has some values, nothing important.

ps_stock_mvt_reason_lang – language for the table mentioned above.

ps_store – some default value, ignore them.

ps_store_shop – default values, nothing to see.

ps_supplier – default values, ignore them.

ps_supplier_lang – some default values.

ps_supplier_shop – two values, nothing to see.

ps_supply_order – empty.

ps_supply_order_detail – empty.

ps_supply_order_history – empty.

ps_supply_order_receipt_history – empty.

ps_supply_order_state – some default values, you can ignore them.

ps_supply_order_state_lang – language for the table mentioned above.

ps_tab – some values, nothing to do with products.

ps_tab_advice – some values, same as above.

ps_tab_lang – language for the table mentioned above.

ps_tab_module_preference – empty.

ps_tag – empty.

ps_tag_count – empty.

ps_tax – values regarding taxes. If you have set taxes from admin, you should not modify anything from here.

ps_tax_lang – language for VAT, ignore it.

ps_tax_rule – some values, also related to taxes.

ps_tax_rules_group – same as above.

ps_tax_rules_group_shop – same as above.

ps_theme – displays the name of your current theme.

ps_themeconfigurator – some values regarding the theme.

ps_theme_meta – also some values regarding the theme.

ps_theme_specific – emnpty.

ps_timezone – displays a list with timezones, nothing important.

ps_warehouse – empty.

ps_warehouse_carrier – empty.

ps_warehouse_product_location – empty.

ps_warehouse_shop – empty.

ps_webservice_account – empty.

ps_webservice_account_shop – empty.

ps_webservice_permission – empty.

ps_web_browser – displays a list with Windows browsers, Firefox, Chrome and so on.

ps_zone – displays a list with zones.

ps_zone_shop – related to the above.