Razer Synapse macros / shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop – new image, 100% zoom, save

A Razer mouse or keyboard is not only for gaming. If you are using Adobe Photoshop, you can create a few shortcuts (macros) that will make your working process more easy and enjoyable.



Set up the shortcuts from Photoshop: go to “Edit” > “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

New image shortcut = Control + N (default).

Zoom in 100% = go to “Edit” > “Keyboard Shortcuts” > “View” > select “Print Size”, set it to Control + F. From Razer Synapse, set Control + F for a specific key/button.

Save image = Right Shift + Control + Alt + S. You can set these key combos from Razer Synapse. Select “Keyboard Function” and add them one by one like this: first press Right Shift, then +, then Control, then +, then Alt, then + and finally “S”.

You can use all the macros/shortcuts with a Razer keyboard like Blackwidow or a Razer Naga mouse. Or with any other Razer device that is compatible with Razer Synapse.