How good is the Javascript course from Codeacademy?

The Javascript course from can be very difficult for those that don’t have any knowledge regarding this coding language.


However, if you know PHP for example, you will have no issues to understand the syntax at least for this first 50% from the course. You will learn about variables, the if / else function, basic stuff that is very similar to php, only that it has a different syntax.

For example in PHP you can declare a variable with $variable = “something”;, in Javascript the variable will look like this: var variable = “something”;.
So its quite similar.

The last part of the course, after you learn about functions, will be very tricky. You will learn about objects, methods, objects inside functions, objects and methods inside functions. Overall it will be very difficult to understand and be able to write the code by yourself.

So just try to write your own code, as good as you can, then search on Google for correct examples and finish the course. Even so, you will expand your coding knowledge, a lot.

You will start to understand how functions work in PHP or jQuery, much easier after getting some Javascript knowledge. After the Javascript course, keep going with the jQuery course which is quite easy mostly because you have finished the Javascript one.

If you have any questions, please leave in the comments.