OpenCart not sending any e-mails on order, or to clients

There is a big issue with OpenCart. The script might not send emails to anyone, for example when a user requests a password reset, when he makes an order, he won’t receive a confirmation e-mail and neither the owner of the store.


The problem appears if from the Admin Panel > System > Settings, “edit the store”, at “e-mail”, you have an e-mail that is not using the domain name.
For example, if you have set there an e-mail from Gmail or Yahoo, it will not work. Because of this, the website is not sending any e-mail. It’s a security aspect.

You need to create an e-mail account that will use the same domain where the store is installed. If your domain is “”, the e-mail set there should be something like “”.

After you set that, you need to go to the “Mail” tab (also from Settings) and do some tweaks.

At “Mail Protocol:”, pick “SMTP”.
“Mail Parameters:” leave it blank.
“SMTP Host:” should be something like this:
“SMTP Username:” should be something like this: (in our case, it can be “”).
“SMTP Password:” type the password corespondent to “”.
“SMTP Port:” leave it as default to 25.
“SMTP Timeout:” leave it as default to 5.

That is all, do some tests, you should notice that the website is sending e-mails now.
You don’t have to change any code from the OpenCart script or install a special module for sending e-mails.


  • simmi says:18.05.2016

    i tried your approach but still no success, can u please provide some detail

  • admin says:18.05.2016

    Maybe you can check how your smtp service works by creating an email account in an email client like outlook or thunderbird. See if it works from there. On which ports is working.

  • simmi says:18.05.2016

    thanks for your time,
    contacts us and registration email working properly but order confirmation email not working, if any suggestion please guide me

  • simmi says:18.05.2016

    my email setup is in zoho mail

  • simmi says:18.05.2016

    whenever i set smtp email functions stop working for new registration password forgot and also order not working even once while using mail except order confirmatio email remaining working proprly

  • admin says:18.05.2016

    When I had this issue with emails, I remember none were working, not even those for registration.

    If your store website is let’s say You should be able to setup an email account there, like From cpanel. Usually it’s

    And use those smtp settings from that email address. But I can’t say for sure since I don’t know how your hosting provider works.

    You can eventually ask more professional people over the official forums for opencart here:

  • simmi says:18.05.2016