No HPA Enabled drive – Boot disk error?

This error appears when trying to boot a PC.


The quickest fix is to shut down the PC and start it from the power button.

Getting “No HPA Enabled Drive” error and boot disk error, usually means that your computer isn’t recognizing the hard disk.
And this happens when you restart the PC, not when you start it after a shut down.

You can notice that different things will appear on the screen before you get to the “No HPA Enabled Drive”.

Usually, it doesn’t mean that your operating system is damaged. So you don’t have to worry that you have lost the data.

If it still doesn’t work even if you shut down the PC and start it from the power button, enter Bios and make some tweaks.

You should try loading the fail safe configuration. Also, tweak the SATA-IDE options, enable, disable them. A good idea is to put the hard disk to be the primary boot device for all the three options. You don’t need the CD-ROM.

The best solution

Open the PC case and reconnect the power cables for the hard disk. Try to switch them.

If it still doesn’t work, attach the hard disk to another PC, copy your files and after that, you can just reinstall Windows.

Or buy a new PC. This error appears for Windows XP and mostly for old computers, 6-7 years old.


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