Mosquito Repellent application that works

It’s strange, but it really works. For the first time in this summer, I had a mosquito in my room and I couldn’t sleep because of it. I installed this Android application and the mosquito stopped buzzing near me and I could sleep well.


The app works really easy, you install it, press the mosquito circle (it turns blue), and set the frequency. I don’t know how the frequency values are working but I could hear the sound at 12k.

I’ve set it to 22k and didn’t heard anything. And the mosquito stopped buzzing and come near me at this frequency, so the app works great.

Notice that if you leave your smartphone or tablet with this app running over night, you might wake up with the battery drained. The screen will remain turned on. You can’t run the app with the screen turned off. But this is a compromise I’m willing to take.