Interesting YouTube channels, Dennis Asberg – Ocean X (Baltic Sea anomaly)

Randomly surfing on YouTube, I’ve found an interesting subject, the Baltic Sea anomaly.


A private underwater treasure hunter company named Ocean X, has found by mistake in 2011, a strange object on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The object or “thing”, is a round structure, mostly looking like a flying saucer or some sort of Star Wars space ship.

This is the channel of the Ocean X team, Dennis Asberg.

There are constant updates regarding the subject. Ocean X is trying to raise funds so they can further explore the strange object from the Baltic Sea.

What is really really interesting is that in 2001: A Space Odyssey (by Stanley Kubrick), there is a dialogue near the beginning of the movie when a woman is saying that her husband is doing some underwater research in the Baltic Sea.

2001: A Space Odyssey was released in 1968. So there is a big mystery. Hopefully, the Kubrick fans will analyze the subject even more. Like Rob Ager.

If you are interesting to see updates regarding the Baltic Sea anomaly, you should check that channel.

Screenshot taken from this video.