Installing Windows 7, 8, 10 on Asus A52F, Drivers, Bios Setup

To enter BIOS and set the boot option to the DVD ROM, just spam the “Shift+Delete” button. It works like the old delete for normal computers.


From BIOS, go to Boot and at Boot Option Priorities, select SlimtypeDVD A as first option.

Save and Exit, “Yes”.

The laptop should now boot your Windows DVD. Press any key and the Windows installation will start.


You can download all the drivers from here:

The LAN / Ethernet driver can be downloaded from here: It’s saying that it is for Windows XP but it works just fine even for Windows 7.

For this laptop, you will need to install the LAN, WiFI, Audio and the VGA drive. To scroll from the touchpad, you don’t need a driver. To scroll, put two fingers and drag up and down. The fingers need to be a bit separated.