How to stop Windows 10 updates?

It is quite easy and it takes a few seconds.

For Windows 10, type in the search bar “services” and hit enter.

Scroll down until the entry called “Windows Update”.

Do a right click > “properties” and choose “disabled”.

This way, you won’t receive any further updates for your Windows 10.

This can be useful because some updates may cause issues with your hardware configuration, printers might stop work, various software might not work because they become incompatible with the new updates.

If you type in the Windows 10 search bar “updates” and click on “Windows update settings”, you will see a new window but it doesn’t allow you to disable the update from there, only to choose some hours when you are using the PC, so the updates to not take place in that interval.

Without updates, you might be at risk regarding security and computer viruses, but sometimes, it’s just better to turn them off, you decide what is more important.