How to setup a Pop3 E-mail account in Thunderbird?

Make sure you have installed Mozilla Thunderbird.


Open the program. Notice the settings icon in the right-top side of the UI, click the icon.

Go to options and then to “account settings”. A new window will open.

At “actions related to the account”, click the button and then on the first button from the list that will appear.

Set the name, email address and the password.

Click “Next”, then click on “manual setup” so you can change the default IMAP into Pop3. From “receiving”, set Pop3 instead of IMAP.

Then, click on “test the configuration”. Click on “Ready” and that is all.

After this, you won’t be able to revert the IMAP to Pop3 switch. So you will have to delete the account and then recreate it if you’re not sure which setting you have.

To create a second account, just do the same steps.