How to root an Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3(4)?

Be aware that rooting your phone will disable the warranty and it might damage the phone, so you have been warned. Also, you may lose your data from the phone if the root process doesn’t go well.

I’ve managed to root my Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3(4) in like 5 minutes.


So follow these steps.

Search on google and download the following file: NewKingrootV4.50.apk.

Copy it anywhere on your phone’s microsd card.

Take the phone and launch this apk file.

It will think for about 30 seconds so don’t panic, you won’t be able to manage your phone during that time. After that, it will say that the root process was finished. That was all, the phone is now rooted.

You can download a root checker app from Google Play just to be able to verify.

With rooting your phone, you can uninstall the default apps that you can’t uninstall by using a normal uninstall application. Kingroot has a custom uninstall tool built-in the application, you can use that one.

I haven’t managed to network unblock my Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3(4), there are no resources or tutorials on the Internet, compared to Samsung. There are tons of websites that are offering codes if you pay but the beauty is to be able to unlock the phone yourself. I’ll update if I mange to unlock it.