How to reverse a video Virtual Dub?

You need to programs, VirtualDubMod (free) and Avisynth (also free).



1. Install both programs.

2. Open notepad, copy/paste this code and save it as video.asv.

This is the code


Replace the path and the title for “video.avi” into the right values, how your video is called and where is located on your hard drive.

3. Open VirtualDub and click on open video, video.asv. If you get any errors when trying to open the video, install any required codecs, google the error and install the codecs.

4. From VirtualDub, save the video as AVI or other format. Your video will be generated in reverse.
The downside is that a full one hour and a half movie will take hours and hours to process. Unless you have a super computer.

I tried to make a reverse format for “The Shining” but quit early because it was taking around a day to process.