How to reset a Canon MP210, MP250, MP160 printer?

The same process goes for three Canon printers, MP210, MP250 and MP160.


In order to reset the printer, follow the steps

Connect your printer to your PC. Make sure that the printer is connected but not running.
Now, while pressing the “Stop / Reset” button, press the “Power” button.

When you see the Power Led on, press the “Stop / Reset” button twice, while keeping the “Power” button pressed.

Now, release both buttons, the “Power” button and the “Stop / Reset” button and wait for the printer to display the service menu.

When you see the LED being green, press the “Stop / Reset” button according to the following scheme.

not pressing: green led – power off the printer.

press 1 time: orange led – service menu.

press 2 times: green led – EEPROM display.

press 3 times: orange led – reset EEPROM.

press 4 times: green led – reset the waste tonner.

press 5 times: orange led – set the destination.

press 6 times: green led – advanced printer head cleaning.

press 11 times: orange led – LCD button test.

press 12 times or more: return to the previous menu.