How to optimize your PC to run better, in 7 steps

1. Uninstall everything that is unnecessary, from Control Panel > Add and Remove programs. Make sure to uninstall any antivirus that is not doing a good job.


2. Install a top quality antivirus. We recommend Avast Antivirus, you can use the free version. Download from here.

3. Install CCleaner. It’s a free software that will clean your PC of unwanted Windows files, temporary files, browser files, cookies, history etc. It also has a cleanup for registry. Run both system and registry cleanup. Download CCleaner from here.

4. Windows Explorer or My Computer, right click on C: > properties > Disk Cleanup > from there, delete any unwanted files. A PC with more disk space will always run better. Repeat the same for the other partitions, D:, E: etc.

5. Do a defragmentation for every partition. Right click on C: > Tools > Defragment Now. Repeat for the other partitions.

6. Start > write in the search box or “Run” for Windows XP, “msconfig” > click the “Startup” tab and uncheck any program that you don’t need, like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger, Adobe ARM and so on. Be careful not to uncheck Windows processes.

7. Clean your desktop, delete unwanted shortcuts. Leave a blank background with a single color if your hardware are very poor.