How to merge two routers in order to increase the wi-fi signal and range

So you have two routers, let’s say Router1 and Router2. Router1 will be the main router where you will plug your Internet cable (into the WAN port).


Follow these steps in order to merge both routers so you can obtain a better signal in a wider area.


1. Open the web interface for Router1 (it’s usually
2. From Router1, configure the Internet connection (PPPoE, static, dynamic or whatever you have), both wireless and using a normal LAN cable. Configure your wireless settings, set at “wireless settings”, channel “1”.

3. Router1 should have as default ip.

4. Power off Router1.


5. Open Router2 web interface. Don’t touch the Internet connection configuration. Change the IP address for Router 2 into

6. Configure the Wireless settings and make them similar with the ones from Router1. Those settings are: “SSID” (name of the wi-fi connection), Channel (set channel 12 or 13 for Router2). At “wireless security” set the same password as you have for your wi-fi connection from Router1. So, everything should be the same as from Router1, except the channel value.

7. Go to “DHCP” and select “disable”. (this is still for Router2). Router1 should have this option enabled.

8. From a LAN port from Router1, go with a cable into Router2, also in a LAN port.
9. Power off/on both routers.

10. Check for your wi-fi connection. It should be just one and have a stronger signal in a wider area.

What happens is that Router2 becomes an access point device for Router1. If you connect a PC or laptop to Router2, it should also receive Internet by LAN.

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