How to keep using a computer if the HDD is about to fail?

Windows 7, 8 and 10 are alerting the user in case that the HDD is about to fail.


You can choose to disable that alert and never see it again.

The option doesn’t exist in Windows XP.

You can run some tests with different software and see what the problem is. Usually you will find out that the HDD has bads (bad sectors).

It can’t be repaired and you need to replace it.

First thing to do is to try to backup your files if you have important ones.

After that, you can still use your computer.

Usually if the HDD is about to fail, you will get blue screens, the computer will get stuck from time to time, randomly.

After you restart it, it might work.

To make it work even better, you can try to install a fresh copy of Windows.

And make sure the computer is clean, has few files.

And a pro-tip. You need to set your computer to boot in safe mode all the time.

You can choose to boot in safe mode plus have the network feature on. That way, you can browse the internet and do simple tasks.

However, in safe mode, you don’t have sound and you will have a poor video resolution.

How to set Windows to always boot in safe mode?

Easy. Type “msconfig” from Start > search. Go to “Boot” tab and activate “Safe mode” and enable “Network”. Restart your computer. It will now always start in safe mode.