How to install Ubuntu from DVD and make it work faster?

Installing Ubuntu from a DVD drive is easier even than installing Windows. Simply burn the latest Ubuntu version on a DVD, setup from bios that the DVD drive to boot first and restart your computer with the disk inside.


The Ubuntu installation process will boot. It’s easier from now on, just click next and next. It is very important to connect your computer to an Internet connection while installing Ubuntu. You can connect either to a wi-fi connection or with a UTP cable.

If you are connected, select to install the latest updates. This will install everything, including drivers, flash etc. You don’t need to install any drivers for Ubuntu. This operating system will install the drivers by itself. I tried for a printer and a scanner and it didn’t required any special driver.

How to make Ubuntu to work faster?

If your computer has less than 512 RAM or 512, it is a bad idea to install Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu will work slower than Windows XP on 512 RAM. There isn’t much to tweak to make this OS to run faster. You can disable the desktop’s background, just set a color. You can choose a more simple theme, not the one with round borders and glossy effects.

Also, you can decrease the size of the icons from the desktop (the left taskbar). Your computer will work faster.

You can browse YouTube, do some basic work. But, don’t try to open too many tabs or programs. Doing multitasking on Ubuntu, on a computer with 512 or less RAM will not work.