How to delete the Flash cache from Chrome?

From Chrome, notice the three horizontal lines icon (top right).


Click on the icon, then on settings, scroll down until you see “Delete navigation data” or something similar.

Click on that link and check all the boxes there. Set to delete “from beginning”.

And that’s it, click on “Delete navigation data”. At this point, all the Adobe Flash cache is gone.

But if you do that, all your browser’s cache including passwords, navigation history etc will be gone

Use this method only if you are using Chrome as a testing browser.

After that, to test your Flash animation, reload the page and hit Control+F5.

Without deleting the cache, the Flash animation won’t get updated in the browser if you modify it. So you will have to clear the cache. Or have three tries if you have Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer installed on your system. After a page with the flash animation is loaded, the flash file will be stored in the cache. It works the same in any browser.