Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7 (Finale) Opinions, A Disappointment?

The climax for this season was on episode 6, and what an episode it was. With that large battle, with all the though characters going beyond the wall, facing the undead.

Viserion Frost Dragon

Episode 7 was much more chill, with dialogue, rather than action. Wrapping things up.

However, after the big action scenes from episode 6, for some viewers, the chill tone from episode 7 was a let down.

Anyone else wanted to see the battle going on, a battle vs. the frost dragon, the night king?

But this is where Game of Thrones is displaying it’s limit, you can only have one big battle during the season.

And we are now living with the specter that season 8 is the last season and all the characters, all the awesome fantastic stories will come to an end, everything will settle.

Episode 7 ended pretty badly, with the action that was most interesting, the night king flying on the frost dragon, the wall being torn down, the imminent danger.
The long night begins, probably the most interesting thing we can ever see in the show.

And the show ends, we have to wait another year or more. There have been news on the web saying that Season 8 will air only in 2019, 2 years from now. That’s a long waiting.

This was quite anticlimactic and a tease for the hardcore fans who wanted to see more

Things are really uncertain at this point, who will die, who will live, will we get a normal story where the living are defeating the dead, where Jon Snow kills the Night King?

Probably it will not be the case, we will still have many surprises, hopefully a very interesting conclusion to all this story that we have lived and breath for the last years.

The quote, “I’ve just finished watching a tv series, what to do with my life” is real. This show is just insanely good and this season, 7, has been insane. Episode 6 was probably the best episode of the series with the clean fight, all the toughest fighters we have. Like an RPG game where the high level characters are going to a raid.

Probably it could have been much better to get an actual fight vs the Night King or at least some action, some fighting. The climax we all needed.

This is quite the main problem, other than that, the episode was ok.

Now the long wait begins.