Fixed Razer Orca Headphones cable sound problem when tilting your head

I had some issues with my Razer Orca headphones, mainly with the sound. If I was to tilt my head to the left or right, the sound would just vanish from one of the speakers. And when I would tilt my head back, the sound would go to normal.

It is obviously an issue related to the headphone’s cable.

An easy fix that worked for me was to wrap the cable around the left side of the headphones (left outside speaker) and put a rubber band there to keep it tight.

This way, the cable won’t experience any movement when I normally tilt my head from time to time, so no sound dropping from one speaker. The cable will stay fixed there, won’t have any space for movement.

Check the picture.


I think the same method works for any Razer headset that resembles the Razer Orca, like Razer Charcarias.

I’ve used these headphones for 3 years now and this is the first time they made any issues, so thumbs up for Razer.