[Fix] Openal32.dll missing – Planescape Torment and any other games

This error appears when you start Planescape Torment (enhanced edition) or any other game.

It is an issue related to Windows, even if you use Windows 10.

There is an easy fix

You need to download a small executable (has 500kb).

Download from here. Doesn’t contain any suspicious files. Tested on Windows 10 64 bits.

If you still have doubts, you can download the executable from openal.org which looks like a 100% legit website.

After you download the zip, run the executable and click next. This should fix the issue and the games will start as normal.


  • saville says:01.06.2017

    Thank you!

  • Ryan says:15.11.2017

    Worked perfect, thanks :D

  • Pablo says:12.04.2019

    Thanks. It worked!