[Fix] Avada menu dropdown not working HTTPS/SSL?

It can happen that the Avada dropdown menu sometimes doesn’t work.

Did you changed your website http into https? Adding SSL.

If that is the case, the menu won’t work properly.

This is due the fact that the AVADA theme will pull all the javascript files from the https path which is not correct.

How to fix this?

You need to copy paste the code where you see the js (javascript files) before the generated html code tags by AVADA.

This happens in footer.php (from the AVADA theme).

Copy paste the JS Javascript tags with the new path that should look like this:


instead of


The code from the bottom will remain but it will be overwritten by the one from above. This is an easy trick to fix the menu.

I’ve tested in Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, iPhone and Chrome Android and the drop down menu works fine on all the platforms.

Be sure to delete the cache folders/files in order to see the change.