Evolio Evotab 3G+GPS Tablet Review

Evolio is a Romanian brand but you can find their products, mostly tablets, in other Europe countries.

The Evolio Evotab 3G+GPS tablet is probably the cheapest tablet that has 3G and GPS and that is its main advantage.

Cheap tablets don’t really have 3G and most of them if they have 3G, they don’t have GPS.

3G and GPS is required by some apps that can track your location, road assistant apps etc.


Tech specs

Processor: 1GHz dual core Cortex A9.
Resolution: 1024 x 600, 7 inches screen.
Memory: 1024 MB DDR 3.
Internal memory: 8 GB.
Cameras: front: 0.3 MP and on back: 2 MP.
Can use a MicroSD card of maximum 32 GB.
Video chipset: PowerVR SGX531.
3G/GPS/A-GPS: yes.
Comes installed with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

These specs are ensuring a decent experience when just browsing the tablet, pulling out apps, closing apps etc.
As games, I’ve tested the classic Angry Birds and Temple Run 1. Both games are working flawless, the graphics are perfect.

YouTube videos look fine in HD, there is no lag or delay.

I also tested the official Twitch.tv app, an app that displays live gaming streams. Compared to a Nexus 7, the quality of the videos is much lower on the Evolio Evotab.




The battery is very poor. For example, if you leave the tablet charged at 100% overnight, in the morning it will be at around 10%.
This doesn’t happen on a Nexus 7 for example where the battery charge drops with around 10%, maybe less.
The battery goes down very quickly and it’s really frustrating to want to use the tablet and have to wait around 2 hours so it can get charged up to 100%.

The materials

The materials that the tablet is built of are cheap but not extremely bad. The back of the device is trying to emulate aluminum but it’s just plastic.
The sides (the frame) are also made of plastic and in case that you drop the tablet, it might get really damaged.

The screen is ok, the touchscreen is decent but not perfect. If you want to move an icon, draw it on the screen, the tablet will take the command but not as easy as on a Nexus 7.

The design is pretty much resembling the Nexus 7, only that the Evolio Evotab has more curvy corners and more prominent side buttons (volume and power off/on).

The initial release price in Romania was around 200$ and it dropped to around 120 – 150$.

I would recommend you to buy this tablet only if you really need the 3G and GPS options and if you don’t have a bigger budget.

Final Scores

Design: 6/10.
Performance-Speed: 5/10.
Compatibility with apps: 7/10.
Features: 8/10.
Overall impression: 6/10.