Everything about expired domains on Godaddy

Let’s say that you want to renew some domains that have expired (domains that were under your Godaddy account).


Login into your Godaddy account, at “Domains” click “Launch” > click on “Domains” (top menu) > “Expired domains”.

The big problem here is that Godaddy has some redemption fees and for a .com domain, the fee is 160$ which is not a small amount.

You can’t avoid this redemption fee

Godaddy only gives 19 days as a grace period where you can renew your domains and not have to pay that enormous redemption fee, it’s not 30 days and it’s definitely not 42 days as you may read in some articles around the web.

Let’s say that you have domains that have expired, you don’t want to pay the redemption fees. What you can do is to check everyday if you can re-register your domains.

Godaddy keeps the expired domains for 42 days from the exact date from when the domains have expired. After those 42 days, the domains should be available for registering. There is an issue here though. “The domain name will be released back to the registry after those 42 days, and it is up to the registry to determine when to release the domain names so they can be registered again as a new registration.”

If those domains don’t worth a lot, there is a good chance that you will be able to re-register them again.

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