Error codes for Canon MP210 printer

Here are the error codes and what they mean for Canon MP210 printer.

List with errors

E2: no paper.
E3: paper jam.
E4: no ink.
E5: issue with the cartridge / it is not installed / not recognized.
E8: tonner needs cleaning.
E9: issue with Camera Direct Printing.

E14: ink cartridges are wrongly insterted.
E15: no cartridge / missing ink cartridge.
E16-E19: scanning error.

E22: the printer cannot pull the paper.
E23: the printer cannot pull the paper.
E24: purge unit error
E25: ASF CAM – sensor error.
E26: heating issue.
E27: tonner needs cleaning.
E28: cartridge heating issue.
E29: EEPROM error.
E35: problems with the power supply.
E37: engine issues.
E40: unknown error (not mentioned in the article).
E44: scanner error.