Dragoste 1: Caine (Love 1: Dog) Movie Review, No Spoilers

The title in English for this movie is Love 1: Dog.

It might seem like a very strange title but it makes sense in the end if you pay close attention and you understand what the movie is about.

The movie is full of hidden messages, the dialogues are mostly obscure and with a hidden meaning rather than saying straight what they mean.

We have only 4 or 5 characters, very few lines of dialogue, but the movie displays many human emotions. There isn’t much of a story. We see the daily life of a hermit, lone ranger that is living alone in a cabin in the mountains of Transilvania, Romania.

Our man finds a young injured girl which he brings in his cabin to rescue. What comes next, you can figure out from the trailer.

However, the main point of the movie is much more interesting and you will probably never guess it from the trailer.

The acting is top notch. We have proven actors from past movies, the main character, the ranger, and the girl which also played in another great Romanian movie, “Dupa Dealuri” (“Beyond Hills”) which I also strongly recommend.

The movie is a slow burner, pretty much all the scenes are moving slow, there are many of times when the dialogue lines are delayed because the characters are overthinking them. And the fact that most of the scenes are played in total darkness, only with a natural fire bringing some light is also contributing to this chill, relaxing atmosphere.

The nature showed in the movie is absolutely fantastic. The Romanian mountains are insanely beautiful and they feel completely out of this world.

Overall, this is a great movie, pretty different from what we are used to with the Romanian themes which are mostly related to the communist era or the Romanian lifestyle which implies corruption and poverty.

This movie is great to see even for people that are not from Romania, I’ve noticed that it has English subtitles.

Florin Serban, the director of this movie has also completed at this time another movie called “Love 2: America” which seems like it will be in a different setting compared to this one, but both movies will share the same ideas, about love.

Thumbs up for this movie, if you want to watch something that will take you away from this world for about 2 hours, check it out.

One last thing, if you rewatch it, you will make some crazy theories in your head. This movie is much more complex.