Dopamine PC case by Red Harbinger

Dopamine is a PC case concept by Red Harbinger. If you are a Razer fan, maybe you have seen in the past some really good looking desks, Razer themed, by Red Harbinger.


This PC case concept is currently raising funds on, more precisely, 20.000$.

Details about the case

– It is built from high quality materials.

– Manufactured in USA.

– Supports mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX and extended ATX motherboards (all kind of motherboards to be clear).

– Has space for two power sources.

– Has a built-in cable management that hides pretty much all the cables.

– Black color (matte) with one side that should be transparent. There is also a white case but it will be a limited edition.

If you want to make a donation for this project, head here. You can also check on that page what rewards or perks you will receive for your donation.