DNS Servers for Romania, UPC, Romtelecom (Telekom), RCS RDS, Orange, Vodafone

Here is a list with the DNS of some of the most important internet providers from Romania.

UPC (old Astral, kappa.ro is the name of an old romanian web portal). – ns0.kappa.ro – ns1.kappa.ro – ns1.astral.ro – ns2.astral.ro – ns3.astral.ro – ns4.astral.ro

Romtelecom (Telekom) – ns1.romtelecom.net – ns2.romtelecom.net – ns3.romtelecom.net – ns4.romtelecom.net

RCS RDS – dns1.rdsnet.ro – dns2.rdsnet.ro

Orange (old Dialog) – ns1.orangero.net – ns2.orangero.net – dedal.orangero.com – walkiria.orangero.com

Vodafome (old Connex, Xnet. Xnet was the name of an old internet service provided by Connect in early 2000) – xnetdns.xnet.ro – xnetdns2.xnet.ro – ns1.vodafonenet.ro – ns2.vodafonenet.ro